Refund Policy


This document covers Livada Orphan Care’s policy and procedure regarding the implementation and management of Mission Trips offered and established by Livada Orphan Care.

All individuals/groups participating outside an established time, schedule and/or allowance provided directly by an approved Livada employee or Board member will be solely responsible for any/all events which take place outside of those limitations set by Livada Orphan Care.

1) Recruitment / Contracts
The recruitment process will begin with those individuals/groups whom have previously expressed interest in participating on a trip, date determined or not. Following the scheduling of the next Mission Trip Calendar year, each of these pre-vested individuals or groups will be contacted by a Livada Staff representative and informed of the upcoming trip options, both in date and scope.

All Livada mission trip bookings are a first come, first serve basis. Those first to complete and submit either a group contract or individual application for a trip will be offered sequential choice in the trip they choose to participate. NOTE: Due to the nature of some trips, i.e. summer camps, some trips will give priority to either group or individuals based on the ministry need. Livada holds the right to alter any trip date or focus within a reasonable time based on the need of the ministry, booked or not. Livada also holds the right to book more than one group per trip or limit group size based on ministry need.

Upon the completion and submission (including deposit), a group contract must be reviewed and then executed after receipt. The executed contract will then be copied and sent to the participating group for their records. The trip dates and focus will be confirmed with the group representative and updated on the Livada Master Calendar. All payment information, guarantees and deadlines are covered in the contract itself.

Likewise, any individuals submitting applications and deposit for a place will only received confirmation of his/her reserved spot upon the receipt of a completed application and deposit. The trip dates and focus will be confirmed with the participant and updated on the Livada Master Calendar/Trip List. All payment information, guarantees and deadlines are covered in the application itself.
2) Fees
Any fees charged for the participation of attending a Livada Mission Trip can be reassessed and changed at any time during the course of a trip year. Trip costs presented in writing through either a trip contract or individual application will be honored as presented, with the exception of a trip participant’s actions of which are deemed insubordinate/damaging or a breach of contract either before, during or after the trip requiring financial recompense.

All fees and cancelation policy information are provided in full in Livada’s Trip contact and Mission Trip forms packet.

Specialized service pricing for those individuals providing a uniquely trained service or participating in a specialized project (i.e. Staff Training, Counseling services or Construction projects) at the request of Livada Orphan Care will be reviewed case by case to receive a fee discount (typically with the discount of the ministry fee only).
For participating family groups, a discount in the amount of the ministry fee will be offered to any family member 12 years and under at the time of their trip. Every individual will still be charged the participant fee. For children 12 years old and younger to participate, Livada must approve the type and focus of the trip before establishing trip dates with the family to ensure ministry service is not hindered or altered, as these children will require additional adult supervision.

Similarly, discounted fees may be reviewed case by case for the participation of an immediate family member of a Livada Staff member (typically with the discount of the ministry fee only). The staff member of the aforementioned family member may not determine the discounted cost. If the cost of a participating family member of an executive staff needs to be determined, the discounted cost will be reviewed and determined by the Board.

For all previous Livada Missionaries, STINTs, no trip cost will be assessed for their participation and return visits to Romania. They are responsible to cover costs such as transportation and expenses while in Romania, but Livada will not apply any organizational fees to their trip.

Additional fees for trip extensions beyond that of the original or first trip participation will also be added as necessary based upon the type of ministry and length of stay. Normal supplemental trip fees for added participation will be $400 for every added week, or as Livada deems necessary.

3) Trip Logistics and Payment
Age Requirements: Livada requires that any individual participating on a trip be of high school age or older. Cradle Care trips, of which the participant comes to primarily work in the baby hospital ward for the length of their trip, must be 15 years or older. If a parent will be accompanying a minor whom they believe is capable of managing the rigors and responsibilities of a Cradle Care trip for the entire week, Livada holds the right to review and make exceptions case-by-case. Also, for families whom wish to serve and desire to bring children under the age of high school, Livada can also review the nature of the ministry paired with the child’s ability and parental supervision for any age exceptions made. Such exceptions can only be made by Livada and with the understanding that the parents will both be supervising their minors and fully participating in the ministry activities assigned on the trip.
Airline/ Travel Booking: Livada is not a travel agency. We are not responsible for booking transportation to and from original point of departure to the arrival airport in Romania. We can provide the name and information of our own travel agent for those who inquire.
Monies Received and Funding: All monies received for the purpose of trip funding and ministry costs are tax deductible and non-refundable. Financial information and policies are provided and described in our trip contract and applications of which participants are required to sign.
Background Checks: Per our Executive Board, all trip participants going oversees over the age of 18 during their time in Romania are required to submit to a background check. Livada will provide each applicant or trip leader with the online form of which to submit their information. The cost of running each background check is factored into the cost of the trip.
Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is purchased prior to departure for every trip participant. The cost of purchasing this insurance is also included in the cost of the trip. Livada will not cover any cost incurred by because of negligence of the participant. Depending on the nature of any incident requiring the filing of a claim, Livada may assist the participant in filing and or covering temporary costs incurred with the understanding Livada will be the recipient of all reimbursed costs.
Information Confidentiality: Livada takes the confidentiality of our participants and volunteers personal information very seriously and therefore stored/used with proper security measures.

4) Follow Up / Evaluations
Before the completion of each mission trip, every participant is asked to take place in a trip evaluation to assist Livada in noting beneficial and detrimental aspects of the trip. Each evaluation is read thoroughly and considered in conjunction with other evaluations but during the same trip and throughout the year. Adjustments are made accordingly as Livada deems necessary.

5) General Administration
Trip Administration is primarily managed by the US business office. Final details such as travel and group scheduling/coordinating and emergency information will be communicated with the hosting Fundatia LOC staff in Romania.